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Superman the Animated Series: Monkey Fun

Episode 24

Lois and Lucy Lane’s childhood pet monkey, Titano, is lost in space during his mission. 20 years later, Titano is discovered by Superman during a mission and is brought back to Earth, where he reconnects with “Lulu.” Problems arise quickly when Titano slowly mutates and grows to gigantic size. With Lois’ help, Superman is able to subdue Titano and take him to an island where he can be free.

This is not my favorite episode. It started out pretty okay. It was interesting to see Lois’ childhood, we get to meet Lucy and Sam Lane and all that. I would say everything up to the point where Lois takes Titano home is solid. Then it all gets to be silly nonsense. 

Superman fighting a giant monkey? Sounds cool on paper. But the fights are pretty lame, and Superman really struggles to fight Titano for whatever reason.

Though on my list of things I never want to see Superman fight, Giant Germs has to be in the top 10. What a gross and lame fight that scene was. Plus it involved Emil Hamilton so that sucked.

I did appreciate the Beppo the Super-Monkey reference, but otherwise there was very little that this episode added. I know the “evil” General Lane stuff is a little newer to the Superman-mythos, but it just works so well that watching stuff like this makes it a little bit of a drag to see him like this.

Overall, it’s a pretty bad episode. Rating: D