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Justice League Movie Cast

Superman: Henry Cavill
     This one is a lockdown obviously. I think Cavill did a great job as Superman in Man of Steel, he really embodied the character’s heroic humility. They can’t replace Cavill now anyway, so Cavill is Superman.

Batman: Scott Adkins (Gabriel Macht)
     Scott Adkins has the look and martial arts training to really embody both Bruce Wayne and Batman. He’s not a large name actor, so like Cavill, he’d be able to blend into the role. He has the dark handsome look and attitude to play both the billionaire and the dark knight detective. He’s also not married to Marvel Studios like half of Hollywood, and I’m assuming we’re all willing to forget his role in Wolverine Origins. Adkins is still untested as a lead actor though, so it could be a gamble to put the weight of a billion-dollar franchise on an untested actor, but it worked for Marvel in the case of Thor, so there’s hope.
     My second choice is Gabriel Macht. Based almost solely on his role as Harvey Specter in Suits, where he basically already plays Bruce Wayne. Macht’s Specter is handsome, broody, parentless, rich, driven to win, and mentors a young prodigy. Unfortunately Macht is a little older, and does not have a good record at the box-office (The Spirit) and the jump from television to film is really difficult.

Wonder Woman Lynn Collins (Bridget Regan, Jaimie Alexander)
     The dark and beautiful Lynn Collins’ role as Deja Thoris, a warrior princess, has already proven that she can play the part. Despite John Carter’s box-office failure, the movie still packed the punch that convinced me that Collins has the chops to embody Wonder Woman. Another Wolverine Origins alumni, Collins is not married to Marvel Studios like my other top choice, Jaimie Alexander. 
     Jaimie Alexander and Bridget Regan are my other top choices. Unfortunately Alexander is playing Sif, so it’s hardly worth fantasizing her playing Diana, but I still think she would’ve made a good Wonder Woman. Bridget Regan also possesses the regalia that would make her a great fit for an Amazonian Princess. While she is also a few years younger than Collins, she is primarily a television actress as well.

Green Lantern: Robert Christopher Riley (Idris Elba, Michael J White)
     Riley is another untested actor, having almost exclusively small time roles, I mostly see Riley as John Stewart visually. He’s also a good young actor, meaning he has the time to build a potentially long franchise around him. I think that they need to use John Stewart in a Justice League movie. I love Hal Jordan as much as the next guy, but John is recognizable and the highest profile black character in comics and diversity is desperately needed in superhero movies.
     Similarly to Jaimie Alexander, Thor has snatched up Idris Elba. Though his role in Thor was small, it’s unlikely that Warner Brothers will be able to steal such a high profile actor from their competitor. I think Elba would be great as the stoic and serious John Stewart, but it’s too much of a pipe dream. Michael J White, is another handsome black actor that WB already has in their pocket from Dark Knight. He’s not high profile either, but he has potential. 

Flash: Charlie Hunnam (Chris Pine, Scott Porter)
     Charlie Hunnam just proved his chops in Pacific Rim, and is already being considered by the studio for the role. I think Hunnam possesses the right balance of recognizability and star power and the ability to blend into the role of Barry Allen.
     Chris Pine would be a good choice for Barry Allen too, but he’s almost too high profile and too tied to the Star Trek franchise. Scott Porter possesses that mid-western charm from his time on Friday Night Lights, but again he’s a television actor that has done a lot of work for Marvel. I don’t think Porter’s much of a viable option compared to Hunnam or even Pine.

Aquaman: Sam Claflin (Paul Walker)
Claflin is young, attractive, and about to see a huge upswing in stardom after his Catching Fire debut as fan-favorite Finnick Odair. I think if he packed on around 50 lbs of muscle and kept the blonde hair, he could really pull off the Arthur Curry from the New 52.  From what I’ve seen for the promotional images of Catching Fire, I see Aquaman and I think audiences could too.
     To me, Walker has the scruffy blonde-haired, blue-eyed look to embody the sea-king. He has the Fast and Furious franchise on his back to reinforce his action skills, but not necessarily his acting chops. I think Aquaman needs to be likable to both men and women since he has the stigma of the jokes to overcome. I think Walker could help push those away or possibly make them worse. It’s a bit of a gamble.

Martian Manhunter: Lance Reddick (Carl Lumbly)
     Lance Reddick has the commanding physical presence and the voice to be a good fit for John Jones and J’onn J’onnz. Despite primarily being another tv actor, Reddick has recently found success at the box office at White House Down. His television roles are also fairly high profile (Wire, Fringe, Lost) and have built him a cult fanbase. He’s also at a good age to portray the character as an older soul, and can physically work with the CGI, which J’onn will likely be highly dependent on.
     But having two black actors in the Justice League would be a huge leap, and possible without needing to race-bend so for my second choice I’m going with the voice of the Martian Manhunter from the animated series, Carl Lumbly. He already possesses the connection to the character to piggy back off of, and the visual to play the human version of J’onn. Despite lack of box-office experience as a small screen actor, I think Lumbly’s less critical role as the Manhunter would be forgivable. But he is older, and an actor with more star power could be a bigger draw to the theater than a nearly completely unrecognizable actor.

So those are my picks for a Justice League movie. My picks were primarily focused on both visuals, character embodiment, and consideration for potential box-office success and actor availability. I generally went for actors with enough star power to move tickets but not big enough names that they would overshadow their characters. What do you think?   

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