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Superman and Lois Lane

Superman and Lois Lane. The greatest love story in comics. A love that has lasted over 70 years. They may just be fictional characters but the love between Clark and Lois is inspirational and with the recent developments in Justice League, I feel like it’s history is not being respected. This is why I believe Superman and Lois Lane need to be together.

Superman is more than just a hero. He’s also Clark Kent. A regular very human guy with a good heart and a passion for justice who just happens to have super powers. And Lois Lane is a take no bullshit kick ass woman with the same passion for justice and the truth. 

Superman gives Lois the hope that there is good and decency in the world, that someone else can stand up and do something for what’s right.  Everything that’s great about Superman inspires Lois and that’s why she falls for him. Lois believes in exposing the truth and what’s fair.  Clark is the guy who always loved her, never gave up on her and shares her passion for fairness and justice.  He’s the dependable guy who has always been there.

Lois may just be a “mere-human” but that is exactly what Superman needs. A human woman to ground him and keep him from floating above us as some unreachable god. People say that Superman isn’t relatable because he’s “too powerful” but that’s because they don’t understand the character. He’s the most human character I know without even being a human. He’s the nerd in all of us, the nerd who gets to live out the ultimate fantasy. He’s a son with a family, he’s the coworker, the outsider that we can all relate to. He’s the shy good guy who longs for the beautiful coworker who always fell for the jock and finally wins her over. 

Superman/Clark doesn’t need a super powerful demi-godess. He needs another human woman who is always there to remind him of his humanity. Lois is his anchor. They don’t need to fight crime together to be heroes together. They are the ultimate team. Lois Lane gets to be the kick butt reporter who’s always getting into trouble because Superman is always there to pick her up.

Lois Lane is the biggest part of the Superman mythology. Except for maybe his superpowers. Without Lois, there isn’t really much Superman. I can’t think of any other pair of characters so co-dependent on each others’ existence to make them who they are. Batman doesn’t always need Robin or Alfred. But Superman will always need Lois Lane. 

Yes Superman and Lois are great and strong characters, and Lois doesn’t need to be in every Superman story ever all the time. But she helps make Superman who he is and that’s why she will always need to be there for him.

Wonder Woman is a beautiful strong character too. And while she may be a physical match for Superman, they are still very different characters. Wonder Woman may be a hero who fights for truth and justice, but it’s not the same. She’s a warrior and a princess and essentially a goddess. She’s a great hero and I love her too but she’s not at all a good match for Superman. They can be great friends, but they don’t have that same chemistry. As a woman, Diana is just too much for Superman. Her and Lois are both very independent women who don’t need a man to be successful, but Superman completes Lois just as Lois completes Superman. Where as Wonder Woman is complete on her own, which may be why she’s never had a strong long time love interest beyond Steve Trevor. Also, Superman’s mythology just doesn’t blend well with Wonder Woman’s where as Superman and Lois are part of the same corner of the DCU.

Overall I believe that DC has totally dropped the ball on new 52 Superman. Morrison’s Action Comics is pretty good, but a little disappointing and confusing. But the Superman title? Utterly one note boring and chaotic. Even Supergirl and Superboy are kinda lame. Superman hasn’t felt like Superman, in Justice League he’s just thing quiet angry guy who hits things.  And the comment from the Superman editor who doesn’t see Superman and Lois as inevitable just shows how the current DC staff doesn’t understand Superman. 

They were literally created for each other. Superman and Lois Lane ARE inevitable.